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Quality - Made in Germany. Since 1963.

Welcome to MULTIBETON GmbH.
MULTIBETON offers an interesting system portfolio ranging from panel heating & cooling to smart home control to photovoltaics and storage technology.

In addition to practical installation, our product solutions guarantee energy-efficient heat distribution paired with sustainable energy generation through solar power.

MULTIBETON surface heating and solar system (November 1, 1975)


The Inventor of


MULTIBETON is the pioneer in modern mass production underfloor heating and cooling. The theory, planning, material and engineering of MULTIBETON underfloor heating has been developed since 1963. In 1967 the first MULTIBETON underfloor heating system was installed. By the mid 1970s several 100,000 residences were equipped with MULTIBETON. Since then, the medium-sized business has been managed by the same owning family. The proverbial “handshake” still goes, as MULTIBETON wants to use sound and reputable action as the foundation for long-term business success.



The raw material for the MULTIBETON system pipes are processed gently, carefully and accurately to ensure maximum adaptation to the screed, hence the corresponding heat transfer. For its system pipes MULTIBETON offers a guarantee against material defects during the lifetime of the building. This is an exemplary commercial gesture of goodwill on the part of MULTIBETON which, however, no customer has ever made use of since the creation of MULTIBETON's surface heating and cooling systems. You are also covered by a full five year warranty as part of our product liability covered by a reputable insurance company.


MULTIBETON is internationally present with several subsidiaries and dealers.


For over 50 years, MULTIBETON has been developing and producing its systems in Germany. In addition, MULTIBETON has its production and manufactured products tested by various independent institutes several time a year. This ensures you will also receive the quality MULTIBETON promises.

Professional installation

MULTIBETON only sells its systems to heating contractors. This ensures a transparent distribution concept. The architect and builder not only receive quality materials, but also quality installation of the underfloor heating and cooling, as the technical department at MULTIBETON offers installers so-called system training. So every heating contractor installing MULTIBETON systems is factory trained and authorised by MULTIBETON to install MULTIBETON systems.

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